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6. 7. 2020


Last year, the thermal park welcomed a record 240,000 visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad, and in the period of 5 years since the park opened, there has been more than 1 million of them. Celebrate the five-year anniversary with us.

26. 2. 2020

Saunas - Therme Park Velké Losiny

Using sauna has been one of the ideal ways of relaxation and unwinding since the Roman times. Apart from the fact that using sauna has a positive effect on prevention of our health from various ilnesses. It boosts our immunity system and eliminates our...

31. 10. 2019

Swimming and relaxing in thermal water THERME LOSINY

Swimming is one of the best and most healthy sports which you can do. It doesn´t strain joints and tissues when exercising and it has a beneficial effect on your heart

3. 4. 2017

It is a great pleasure to announce that our thermal park THERME LOSINY has won  the Grand Design award for the year 2016  in the Olomouc Region.

13. 2. 2017

We really appreciate having been awarded this prize which ranks us among the most influental companies in the Czech Republic.

Our company offering spa treatments has been ranked amongst the 100 best businesses in the field of travel trade and hotel management. We are really proud of this achievement and believe that our guests will leave rejuvenated and full of energy after...

29. 1. 2016

New price lists and opening hours 2016

Dear friends of  thermsl park THERME LOSINY, we attentively watched  your comments and visits for the last six months. We have modified the operating time and price lists according to your wishes.

16. 11. 2015

Outdoor work in the thermal park continues

Dear friends of our TERMÁLY LOSINY thermal park, we are very pleased that we can provide more up-to-date information concerning the completion of our outdoor grounds.

27. 8. 2015

Map of THERMAL SPA komplex

THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny – ideal place for autumn relaxation and rest. Clients staying in spa, tourist as well as locals are attracted by picturesque spa park.

1. 8. 2015

Parking places in Velké Losiny

Dear friends, let us inform you that the trial run of the inner part was successful. 1st of August 2015 is official opened.

20. 7. 2015

Inner part of THERME PARK

Dear THERME PARK supporters

Thank you for your patronage and we appreciate your patience.


Opening hours:

10.00 - 20.00

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