Visitors rules

Termály Velké Losiny

Dear visitors,

We have prepared these Visitors Rules to make your stay in the Velké Losiny Thermal Park as pleasant and safe as possible. All visitors are required to familiarize themselves with these Visitors Rules upon entering the premises and to comply with them. In case of unruly behaviour or non-compliance with the Visitors Rules, the visitor will be banned from the entire facility of the Velké Losiny Thermal Park without the right to a refund of the entry fee.

1.   Entry to the premises

a)      Visitors may enter only during opening hours with a valid ticket or season pass, which they must purchase at the ticket office for a specific period of time. Ticket sales begin at the opening hours of the Thermal Park and end one hour before the end of opening hours. Visitors are required to check the right change and ticket times immediately after purchase – subsequent claims will not be accepted. After paying the entry fee, the visitor will receive a chip that he/she will carry with him/her at all times and on which the services used during the stay will be loaded.

b)      Children under the age of 12 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a person over the age of 18. The accompanying adult is responsible for the child during the entire stay. Children who cannot swim must be provided with swimming aids (sleeves, vest or belt) for the protection of their health and safety. A child who uses nappies must be changed into a swimming nappy before entering the pool (available in the shop).

c)      The park may be reserved for schools, social and sports organisations at certain times.

d)      For hygienic reasons, persons of all ages are allowed to swim only in swimwear. It is not permitted to enter the pool area wearing clothing that is not designed for swimming.

e)      When the full capacity is reached, no other visitors will be allowed to enter, the entrance through the turnstiles will be automatically closed until some visitors leave.

f)       The operator reserves the right to limit the use or close certain parts of Therme Losiny for necessary maintenance and other valid reasons (e.g., bad weather, full capacity, emergency situation, etc.) without refunding the entry fee.

g)      During operating hours, the operator may take photographs or video footage of visitors to the thermal park. The making of the above recordings is in the legitimate interest of the operator and is used to promote its activities. All visitors to the thermal park are informed in advance at the reception (before entering the premises) that any type of recording will take place during their visit.

        If the visitor (the person in the photo/video) objects to the publishing of the photo or video footage, he/she has the right to request its removal. Following a written request, the recording will be removed.


2.    Exclusion from visiting the premises

a)      The entry to the premises is forbidden to all persons who suffer from any disease threatening the health of other visitors, in particular,

o   persons with infectious skin, hair or other diseases,

o   persons who have infected and open wounds, gastrointestinal infection of bacterial origin, conjunctivitis

o   persons with poor personal hygiene

o   infested persons

o   persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs

b)      Entry is prohibited for persons under quarantine for infection, and also for family members or members of a household in which a contagious disease has occurred if the patient is not isolated.

c)      Entry to the premises may be denied and prohibited to persons whose visit could disturb the order, safety and cleanliness of the premises and whose behaviour is contrary to good manners or has a demonstrably disturbing effect on other visitors to the swimming pool.

d)      A visitor who, despite being warned, violates the provisions of these Visitors Rules or fails to obey the instructions of the responsible staff of the thermal swimming pool or security personnel may be expelled from the premises without refunding the entry fee. If the visitor does not leave the pool when asked to do so, the responsible staff may call police for assistance.

3.   Operating instructions for visitors

a)      All actions upon arrival to the Thermal Park are carried out in the following order: familiarization with the Visitors Rules and purchase of a time ticket or season ticket, changing in the changing room – taking a locker, showering – proper washing of the whole body with soap and shampoo.

b)      Each visitor must have a clean swimsuit and a clean towel (towels can be rented at the reception for a fee of 30 CZK). We do not guarantee the towels in case they sell-out.

c)      All visitors are required to use SHOWERS before entering the pools!

d)      Visitors are required to use the toilet if necessary for hygiene reasons.

e)      For safety reasons, it is forbidden to carry drinks and cosmetics in glass containers near the pools and in the showers.

f)       Eating is only allowed in designated areas.

g)      Changing rooms in the shared locker rooms are used only for undressing and dressing. Lockers are available for visitors to store their clothes and visitors are required to lock them properly using a chip. In the event of a lost chip, the contents of the locker will be released to the visitor only after it has been established that the items in the locker are really theirs. Instructions for operating the lockers are placed in a clearly visible location.

h)      The children's pool is designed for children from 3 to 6 years of age accompanied and supervised by an adult.

i)       No physical activity or noise is allowed in the relaxation pools or quiet areas, and it is not suitable for children under the age of 12.

j)       The use of the pool and attractions without supervision or the presence of responsible staff is not permitted for safety reasons. Visitors who cannot swim or cannot swim well are required to stay in the area designated for non-swimmers. The lifeguard is authorized to evict visitors to the non-swimming area in case of non-compliance. In the interest of their own safety, all visitors must obey the orders of the lifeguard. Visitors must treat the equipment with care, and save water and energy.

k)      Visitors must, for their own safety, move carefully on wet surfaces and wear shoes designed for this purpose to prevent accidents. The operator is not liable for damage, injuries or accidents caused by visitors’ carelessness or negligence, lack of discipline and failure to comply with the Visitors Rules.

l)       Visitors must behave with care towards the facilities and equipment of the thermal park.

m)    Visitors are obliged to pay for losses and damages caused by their fault to the facilities or to the property of other persons on the premises. Each visitor is personally responsible for damage and contamination of the facilities or loss of borrowed items and is obliged to pay for the damage (the purchase price of the item or the price to be quoted by the Thermal Park staff).

n)      Visitors are obliged to maintain the utmost cleanliness, not to disturb others, not to cause excessive noise and to take care of his/her personal safety – not to run on wet surfaces.

o)      Water slides and other attractions to which the visitor has access are used at their own responsibility and risk! Children under the age of 12 may use the slides only under the supervision of a parent or other responsible person over the age of 18.

p)      All visitors are obliged to follow the instructions for using the water slide, the sauna world, and other instructions and warnings posted in the thermal swimming pool.

q)      The operator is not liable for excessive wear and tear of the swimwear due to frequent sliding, or due to the effects of thermal water.

r)      Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of the lifeguards and authorized staff of the swimming pool.

s)      Up to date notices, instructions and warnings take precedence over general regulations.

t)       In case of bad weather – thunderstorms or strong winds, visitors are obliged to leave the outdoor pools for safety reasons.

u)      If a visitor decides to leave the premises early due to bad weather, the operator is not obliged to refund the entry fee or compensate the visitor in any other way.

v)      Visitors are responsible for properly locking their personal belongings in the lockers. If personal belongings are left or lost in changing rooms, unlocked lockers or in the pool and other areas, the operator is not responsible for these items.   . In case of losing the time ticket/chip, the visitor is obliged to pay a penalty of 1000 CZK.

w)     The operator is obliged for hygienic reasons to drain the “therapeutic pool” daily from 7:30 p.m. due to the time required for maintenance and disinfection.

x)      Any items found on the premises of the Thermal Park must be handed over to the lifeguard or at the ticket office, where a record will be made.

y)      Entry to the sauna world is permitted for persons over the age of 15. When the saunas are closed, all visitors must leave the warming rooms and relaxation areas. It is not allowed to use your own aromatic essences and other sauna products in the warming rooms. Visitors must observe the sanitary, ethical and operating rules for the use of saunas.

z)      Visitors must respect the opening hours. Overstaying the purchased time is subject to a charge for each started hour according to the valid price list. At the end of the operating hours, visitors must leave all outdoor and indoor areas and the building of the Thermal Park.

aa)    A shop with swimming equipment is available in the thermal park. It is not possible to pay with a purchased chip in the shop. Only cash or credit card is accepted. The operating hours of the shop follow the operating hours of the thermal park.

bb)   Visitors must leave the pools 15 minutes before the end of the operating hours.

cc)    Lifeguards should be called immediately to provide first aid in case of accidents, injuries and nausea. The room for treating injured or ill persons shall be clearly marked with a sign “Infirmary”.

dd)   In the small upper relaxation pool, it is forbidden to dive, walk on the edge of the pool, climb and jump over the edge of the pool.

ee)    It is allowed to enter the premises with baby strollers, inside the premises the visitors shall leave the strollers in the designated places. Cyclists must put their bicycles in the outdoor racks and secure them against theft. The operator is not liable for any loss.

ff)     Visitors must observe all warning, order, prohibition and information signs and other notices and must not damage, deface or remove them.

4.   On the premises, it is prohibited to

a)     Swim in clothing that is not designed for swimming, including underwear.

b)     Sunbathe and swim without a swimsuit or parts of a swimsuit.

c)      Take inflatable objects and balls into the relaxation pools.

d)     Keep each other under water, throw others into the water and jump into pools. “Horse fights” are prohibited.

e)     Call for help for no reason.

f)       Misuse of equipment and items intended for first aid.

g)     Entering areas not intended for the public, areas and showers reserved for persons of the opposite gender, and areas of the premises where access is prohibited for security or operational reasons.

h)     In the pool area, it is forbidden to shout, whistle, run, make unnecessary noise, keep each other under water, knock other persons into the pool, intentionally splash other persons, run up to jump into the water, jump from the sides into the pool, or any other kind of improper behaviour that disturbs others by excessive noise or endangering personal safety.

i)       It is strictly forbidden to urinate in the water, spit, rinse your mouth and nose in the water, use any ointments and creams before and during bathing, or pollute the water in any way.

j)       It is forbidden to clean or wash clothes on the premises of the Thermal Park.

k)     Smoke in all indoor areas and outdoor pools.

l)       Bring sharp objects, or glass items that could break and cause injury.

m)    Enter swimming pools, saunas, and water slides while chewing gum.

n)     Move equipment and installed furniture without permission.

o)     Carry and use weapons or other objects that could cause damage, injury or harm to another person.

p)     Require services from the staff that are contrary to these Visitors Rules.

q)     It is forbidden to carry or place bags, backpacks and other personal belongings that are not intended for swimming and/or sauna use in the pool, attraction and sauna areas.

r)      Bring and dispose of gum, glassware, needles, pins, razor blades and any items that threaten the safety of visitors.

s)      It is forbidden to tamper with the control of electrical wiring, heating and other equipment throughout the building.

t)      It is forbidden to eat food, drink alcoholic beverages and other beverages except in designated areas.

u)     Consumption of own food and beverages is prohibited.

v)     It is forbidden to bring animals into the entire area.

w)    Smoking is prohibited in the entire area (indoor and outdoor). The only exception is the designated smoking area, which is signed for this purpose.

x)      For hygienic reasons, entry into the pool is only permitted in swimwear made of stretchy, tight-fitting material without accessories made of metal or similarly hard materials. Shorts made of synthetic elastic fibres are acceptable. Upon agreement with the thermal park manager, burkinis, i.e., bathing suits covering most of the body, made of synthetic elastic fibres, may (or may not) be permitted. Entry to the pool is not permitted in normal everyday clothing.

y)     It is forbidden to bring inflatable rings and other objects, diving goggles, snorkel, swimming fins, pucks and balls (including tennis balls) into the pool. Only inflatable sleeves, swimming goggles and swimming belts are allowed.

z)      Non-swimmers and children without supervision of a responsible person are not allowed on the water slide.

aa)   It is forbidden to ride bicycles, skates, etc. in the entire area of the Thermal Park.

5.   Water slide

a)     The water slide can be used by children – swimmers from the age of 7

b)     Persons ride individually at intervals according to the signalling device.

c)      A water slide can only be used if water is flowing through it.

d)     The user of the slide must respect the orders and warnings of the lifeguard.

e)     The visitor must sit on the start section and push off using the handrail to slide down. No other way of starting the slide is allowed.

f)       To ride on the water slide, the visitor must be in a seated position, feet first, or lying on the back with feet forward. No other way of sliding is allowed.

6.   Prohibited activities – water slide:

a)     Strict ban on running on the slide.

b)     During the slide it is strictly forbidden to hold water, brake, stop, or jump on the finish line of the slide.

c)      Visitors must not wear or carry any sharp objects (metal – buckles, chains, bracelets, keys, studs and buttons).

d)     Visitors are not allowed to stay in the place where they hit the water and must leave the place immediately. The 0.5 m deep area at the end of the slide is not used for swimming and bathing, but only for the landing.

e)     Entry on the slide with inflatable ring if forbidden.

f)       Children under the age of seven are not allowed on the slide.

g)     It is forbidden for two or more persons to ride the slide together.

h)     Violations of the slide's operating rules can endanger your health and that of other visitors. Disorderly visitors will be evicted from the pool area without refund of the entry fee.

7.   Location of the first aid kit in the Thermal Park

The first aid kit is located by the lifeguard, first aid is in the same place.

If necessary, it must be refilled according to the instructions of OHS and FP technician.

8.   Use of the sauna

a)     The sauna bath is intended for use by healthy persons and is used at visitor’s own risk.

b)     Persons who are obviously suffering from symptoms of an acute illness are not allowed to use the sauna. (fever, cough, cold, diarrhoea, etc.) and communicable upper respiratory tract infections. The same applies to persons suffering from diseases manifested by skin rashes, open, festering or bleeding wounds. Furthermore, persons with gastrointestinal infection and their family members are not allowed entry.

c)      Persons suffering from diseases other than those listed above use the sauna bath at their own risk, even if they have sought medical advice.

d)     As a rule, no drunk persons are allowed to enter.

9.   Rules of conduct in the sauna world

a)     Visitors to the sauna must obey the instructions of the sauna operator.

b)     During the sauna session, the visitor is essentially naked (for hygienic and physiological reasons, the visitor should have a towel or a sheet for covering)

c)      The visitor takes care to maintain the hygienic conditions, only provided towels and sheets are to be used in the warming room and relaxation areas (loungers).

d)     Visitors are barefoot and unclothed in the sauna area (only in sauna underwear).

e)     Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the sauna.

f)       The use of mobile phones is forbidden in the entire wellness area. Keep quiet.

g)     If you feel sick in the sauna, faint, dizzy or your heart is beating too fast, you must leave the sauna immediately. In case of acute nausea, the sauna operator call button can be used.

10.                  Correct procedure in the sauna

a)     Leave your shoes and clothes in the changing room (shared by the sauna and the pool).  People put everything in their lockers.

b)     Pick up a clean sheet (towel) at checkout. Access to the sauna is via a staircase from the pool hall on the floor above. Wheelchair access is possible by lift from the pool hall. A fee is charged for linen rental.

c)      In the shower, cleanse your whole body with soap and dry yourself before entering the warming rooms.

d)     In the warming room, sit or lie down on your own towel and stay until you are warm enough.

e)     After leaving the warming room, first rinse off the sweat in the shower with lukewarm or cold water and then cool down in the ice chamber (with ice shavings).

f)       Repeat the warm-up-cool-down cycle approximately three times, always take your own towel with you from the warming room.

g)     After the last cycle, take a shower, shampoo your hair and after cooling down, use the relaxation room – loungers for about 20–30 minutes. (or as recommended by the sauna operator)

h)     Replenish fluids with soft drinks only.

i)       By following the advice and instructions of the staff, you will create the best environment for a healthy sauna experience.

11.                  Location of the first aid kit in the sauna world

There is a portable first aid kit in the sauna world, which is available to the sauna users as needed.


These Visitors Rules are valid from 1 August 2015.


Prepared by: Petra Flecková

Thermepark Operations Manager