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Termály Velké Losiny

The map of the Velké Losiny Thermal Spa provides a detailed overview of the location of key buildings and springs in the spa complex. There are several important spa facilities in the area, such as the Wellness Hotel Diana, the Chaloupka Spa House, and the Eliška I and Eliška II hotels. The map also shows the main thermal springs, including the Karel, Zbrav, Dobra, Petr and Eliška springs, which are scattered throughout the complex. In addition, you will find the Losiny Thermal Baths, an ideal place for relaxation and recreation. Other notable buildings include the Villa Gazarka, the Sanatorium Šárka and the Spa Directorate. This map will help you to easily find your way around and take full advantage of all the services and facilities offered by the Thermal Baths of Velké Losiny


How to get from the Velké Losiny train station to the Thermal Park

After arriving at the Velké Losiny train station, you can enjoy a short and comfortable journey to our Thermal Park. Get off the train and head towards the village centre. Follow the main road for about 300m , where you will pass the spa park and its beautiful nature. The car park of the thermal park, which is well signposted, will appear on your left after a while. The whole journey will take you no more than 10 minutes on foot.


How to get from the bus stop Velké Losiny Hotel Praděd to the Thermal Park

If you arrive by bus at the bus stop Velké Losiny Hotel Praděd, the way to the Thermal Park is very easy. After you get off the bus, head east and walk through the beautiful park, which is ideal for a short walk. After about 500 meters you will reach our Thermal Park. The whole journey takes around 10 minutes on foot and is well signposted, so you won't get lost. 


How to get to the Thermal Park by bike and on foot

For cyclists and hikers, we offer a quiet route to our Thermal Park. If you are coming by bike, you can use the road leading through the centre of Velké Losiny. In the Thermal Park Termály Losiny you will find bike racks where you can safely store your bike.

For hikers, a walk through the centre of Velké Losiny is also ideal, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a spa town and beautiful natural scenery. The routes are well signposted and the path is suitable for all ages. Whether you come on foot or by bike, you will have a pleasant journey ending with relaxation in our thermal park.




Adress: Komenského 229, 788 15 Velké Losiny, under the spa sanatorium ŠÁRKA

Car park for visitors of the TERMÁLY LOSINY thermal park only

Price of parking 15 CZK / hour (parking meter with the possibility of payment by card)



PARKING 1 - Lázeňská 323, 788 15 Velké Losiny, in the centre, in front of the spa headquarters building

PARKING 2 - Rudé Armády 651, 788 15 Velké Losiny, next to hotel Istria in Velké Losiny

PARKING 3 - Komenského 698, 788 15 Velké Losiny, at Health Center in the beginning Velkých Losin


STOP MAX. 15 MINUT - Lázeňská 323, 788 15 Velké Losiny, in front of the spa headquarters (only for the needed amount of time for passenger´s exit - max. 15 minut)

PARKING 2 - Rudé Armády 651, 788 15 Velké Losiny, next to hotel Istria in Velké Losiny