THE MIND IS OUR OWN PRIVATE WORLD. A world full of opposites. A world where we need to find balance. We have to learn to relax and meditate in order to keep our minds healthy and to find balance for our bodies and souls. If we can relax our minds, we are well on the way toward finding spiritual balance.


Regular visits to a Finnish sauna have a positive effect on the skin, act against cellulitis, give your cardiovascular system a workout, and help relax muscles and eliminate toxins from your body. They also have excellent regenerative and preventative effects.

  • Temperature: about 92 - 95°C
  • Air humidity: 10%
  • Recommended length of stay: 15 minutes
  • Capacity: 14 - 16 people


Steam baths are ideal for those who prefer saunas at a lower temperature and higher humidity. Regular visits to a steam bath help treat respiratory tract infections and rheumatism. The moist steam cleans pores and improves skin tone.

  • Temperature: about 45°C
  • Air humidity: almost 100%
  • Recommended length of stay: 15 - 20 minutes
  • Capacity: 10 people


The steam in the aroma sauna is enriched with eucalyptus, menthol and other therapeutic essential oils. Spending time in the sauna is an ideal adjuvant therapy for respiratory problems. A detox for body and mind, it is deeply relaxing and increases your concentration.

  • Temperature: about 42°C
  • Air humidity: almost 80%
  • Recommended length of stay: 15 - 20 minutes
  • Capacity: 6 - 8 people


Regular visits to a salt sauna have an excellent preventive effect, contributing to the treatment of respiratory and skin diseases and increasing your immunity. Spending time in a salt sauna keeps your skin looking young and helps counteract the effects of smoking.

  • Temperature: about 40°C
  • Air humidity: almost 60 - 70%
  • Recommended length of stay: 20 minutes
  • Capacity: 8 people


  • Temperature: about 0 - 5°C


The beautiful shapes of the interior spaces, pleasant equipment and comfortable loungers create a relaxing atmosphere that will allow you to forget about stress and worries.



Opening hours:

10.00 - 20.00

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