Sport Massages

TOUCH GIVES STRENGTH. Are you lovers of hiking, biking and skiing? Then the Jeseníky Mountains are ideal for you. Combine activity with relaxation in Thermal spa and indulge in touch from our professionals. Massages relieve pain and warm up strained muscles.

Offered sport massages


  • Description: Classic massage removes fatigue, helps to improve blood circulation and enhances regeneration of the body.


  • Description: A combination of special relaxation oil and healing touch restores the energy in the body. Massage has a beneficial effect on the internal stress and induces a state of total relaxation.


  • Description: A relaxing massage with hemp oil is suitable for getting rid of exhaustion for an overall regeneration of the body. It nourishes the skin and gives a youthful appearance.


Opening hours:

10.00 - 20.00

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