Thermal springs

The first recorded mention of the beneficial effects of thermal sulphurous waters is from the 16th century in significant balneo-logic work from provincial physician Jordán from Klausenburk. He is one of the physicians who most significantly influenced the formation of the THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny.


  • There are 5 sulphurous thermal springs that have their source in or around Velké Losiny
  • The cold drinking sulphurous spring named „Karel“
  • Hot sulphurous spring „Žerotín“ is used to fill all thermal pools in the thermal park

Water composition

  • The sulphurous springs in the THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny rank among the most efficient in the Czech Republic
  • The most important substance  contained in the water is exceptional steady hydrogen sulphide with concentrations  on average of 4,5 mg/l.


  • Water therapy
  • Relaxation
  • Activity in the water
  • Drinking regime
  • silwer jewery turn black in the thermal water.

Opening hours:

10.00 - 20.00

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