Sauna rules

SAUNAS CURE AND REJUVINATE. Strengthen your physical and mental health at Therme Losiny thermal park. In our saunas you'll forget about your everyday stresses and worries. You can achieve the maximum benefits to your health and beauty from the sauna by following these recommendations.


  1. Visiting the sauna at least once a week increases the beneficial effects of the sauna, which will be reflected in your health and appearance.
  2. Do not visit the sauna on a full or empty stomach, otherwise the effects of the sauna will not be as strong.
  3. Your body is not in balance following physical or mental strain. Give yourself twenty minutes to relax before you enter the sauna.
  4. Protect your skin. Before entering the sauna, remove your swimsuit to prevent harmful substances from settling on your skin.
  5. Before entering the sauna, wash with soap and water and dry off completely to increase the effect of the sauna.
  6. Your body is detoxing and eliminating harmful substances in the sauna. Place a cloth sheet or towel underneath your entire body to catch the toxins that are being washed away.
  7. Listen to your body's signals and leave the sauna if you feel a burning sensation in your outer ears, on the tip of your nose or nipples, or if the recommended period for staying in the sauna has elapsed.
  8. Cooling off in the shower or cold chamber and resting in the Light or Dark tepidarium is an important part of the entire sauna process.
  9. Ideally, repeat the hot-cold cycle three times. To keep from heating up again, take a lukewarm shower after the final cool-off. Do not use soap, which could clog the open pores on your skin.
  10. Do not mar the effect of the sauna by introducing toxic substances into your body. Don't drink alcohol and don't smoke.
    Experienced sauna leaders can advise you on nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids.

Opening hours:

10.00 - 20.00

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