Construction work is finishing

24. 4. 2015 -

We are pleased to inform you that final construction work on the Thermal Park at the Velké Losiny Thermal Spa is running at full throttle. Spring is finally here, so we can plan the first test run in Therme Losiny.

During March we will work intensively on the completion of the construction works - especially the interior premises. We also have to choose furniture, floor tiles, hanging lights, etc. In April, we will test the technical equipment to make sure it meets health and safety standards. In the coming days we will begin work on the driveway, and if the weather is favourable, we will finish fasade of theTherme Losiny thermal park.

In May 2015, we are planning the first test run so we could officially open our unique Therme Losiny thermal park for visitors in the coming weeks!



Pools and restaurant:

10.00 - 20.00 hrs.