Finishing work on the inner part of THERME PARK

20. 7. 2015 -

Dear THERME PARK supporters

Thank you for your patronage and we appreciate your patience.

Inner part of THERME PARK
Inner part of THERME PARK

In recent days we have noticed that many visitors, due to curiosity, go to observe what is happening in the completion of the THERME PARK. By this way we would like to ask you, not to enter the premises until the official opening, mainly for your own safety.

In the Velké Losiny THERME PARK recently, there is finishing and cleaning works going on. The date of opening of the inner part will be stated on the official website and also on Facebook. You can look forward to swimming in several thermal pools, saunas, enjoy professional massages and something good to eat in the self-servicing cafeteria.

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Pools and restaurant:

13.00 - 21.00 hrs.