Using sauna – an ideal way to prevent your health from ilnesses

26. 2. 2020 -

Using sauna has been one of the ideal ways of relaxation and unwinding since the Roman times. Apart from the fact that using sauna has a positive effect on prevention of our health from various ilnesses. It boosts our immunity system and eliminates our body off toxins.

Saunas - Therme Park Velké Losiny
Saunas - Therme Park Velké Losiny

Taking sauna in a thermal park

There is a choice of 4 types of saunafinnish sauna, steam sauna, salt sauna and aromatic sauna. Unusual way of cooling down will be a visit of the ice chamber. In between the phases of having sauna you will chill out in LIGHT and DARK tepidarium.

Why is taking sauna so favourable for our health?

The secret to our health and well-being is hidden in taking sauna. The heat from sauna stimulates vegetative nervous system and it has relaxational, detoxificational and beneficial effects even on the skin. It increases immunity and blood circulation.
Taking sauna regularly:

  • Supports getting rid of toxins from your body. Heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and nickel are removed the same time with sweating.
  • It is a prevention from skin moisture loss.
  • It is a training for the whole body. The process of biological ageing is slowing down.
  • Without doubts it belongs to a healthy lifestyle.

Taking sauna and doing sports are inseparable. After having returned from skiing, when you feel chilled to the bone, it is excellent to chillax in a sauna. Sauna will take care of muscle fever if you overestimated your abilities.

How often should we take a sauna?

It is ideal about once a week – considering the ongoing immunity blood processes. However, you must avoid using sauna in case you suffer from acute, infectious or transmissible skin diseases or when you have open wounds. It is also recommended to consider taking sauna during convalescence or fluctuating blood pressure. Entry into sauna is always at your own risk.


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