Spring Regeneration in the Thermal Park

25. 3. 2019 -

Spring is the right time to supply your body with the necessary energy. Try spring detoxification in the thermal park in the heart of the JESENÍKY Mountains, where you will have not only a good fun, but also where you can do something for your health.

Spring Regeneration in the Thermal Park Velké Losiny
Spring Regeneration in the Thermal Park Velké Losiny

Why We Are Tired in the Spring, and we need a spring detoxification

Fatigue is the result of ending the winter period when we were affected by a lot negative effects. Due to this fact toxins were accumulated in the body and in the spring we feel tired, we observe worsening in the condition of the skin and muscles, we are more prone to the disease. Therefore, the spring detoxification is a beneficial way how you can restart your body and give it a new energy.

Healthy Exercise and Relaxation

Healthy exercising and appropriate relaxation are important for our body. In the thermal park you will strengthen your muscles and draw new energy during exercising or movement activities in the water. Relaxation zone with lounge chairs, professional massages and saunas will serve to having a rest then.

Spring Detoxification in Sauna

You can clean your body and mind in four types of saunas in the thermal park THERME LOSINY. Regular saunas will strengthen your body's immunity, reduce harmful toxins and improve blood circulation. In the sauna, you will relax the accumulated muscle tension. It is a time-proven form of relaxation, both physical and mental, which is very important in the case of spring cleansing and body detoxification.

Our Spring Tip

Order your stay at the Wellness Hotel DIANA - Spring regeneration. Guests staying at the Wellness Hotel DIANA receive a 50% discount on entry to the thermal park THERME LOSINY.


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