How to survive hot summer days in health? Drink and protect your skin regularly.

24. 7. 2019 -

On hot summer days, doctors regularly point out that we should not forget to observe a drinking regime and pay close attention to our skin, as high summer temperatures are a great burden on the human body. How much liquid should we drink each day and how to protect our skin from the sun? Here are some tips.

How to survive hot summer days in health? Here are some tips.
How to survive hot summer days in health? Here are some tips.


The main goal of fluid intake is hydration, which is a prerequisite for maintaining a constant volume of blood plasma, stimulating physical performance, supplementing minerals or preventing the body from overheating.

Why is it important to replenish fluids?

The human body contains 65% water on average. Enough fluids ensure efficient metabolism and excretion of harmful substances.

How much fluid should we drink each day?

The optimal fluid intake for an adult is 35-40 ml / kg body weight (depending on physical activity). The best choice is clearly clean drinking water, infant or spring water, but also fruit and vegetable juices to supplement vitamins.

  • OUR TIP: Mix water with lemon, mint, lemon balm, lavender and other herbs to your liking.


Summer is a sunny, life-giving and popular season, but it is also a time when we need to pay close attention to our skin.

Safe sun-tanning: What protection factor do you need?

The protective factor should always be chosen according to the type of the skin and the location of your stay - the lighter the skin, the higher the UV factor. SPF indicates the appropriate length of sun exposure without the risk of skin burns.

What is important to observe when staying in the sun?

  • regular drinking regime
  • not to be exposed to the sun (from 10.00 - 16.00)
  • wear headgear and sunglasses
  • apply a suitable sunscreen 20 minutes before sun exposure (repeatedly - always after bathing or sweating)

Remember to take care of your skin even after sunbathing

By sunbathing and repeated bathing, our skin gets "worked up". Choose suitable reparative or nourishing creams or lotions for soothing and moisturizing the skin.


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