Enjoy the thermal pools to the maximum

Termály Velké Losiny

Thermal pools

Welcome to the water lovers’ paradise! The 9 thermal pools offer the perfect escape into a world of relaxation and fun. Immerse yourself in the warm thermal water with temperatures of up to 36°C. Let it caress your senses and relieve your body of everyday stress.

If you are looking for entertainment, our water attractions provide endless fun for all ages. From water slides and wild rivers to relaxing massage loungers, we have something for everyone.

Swimming is not only a physical activity but also a mental relaxation. Every movement in the water strengthens muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness and promotes overall well-being. Swimming is a great way to keep the body fit and relax the mind at the same time. Come and enjoy our thermal pools and water attractions and discover the magic of water, which provides not only refreshment and fun, but also regeneration of body and mind.


5 indoor pools

A large active pool with wild water, water spouts and a waterfall cave, a relaxation pool with massage seats and loungers, a thermal pool with the warmest water, a panoramic pool with a relaxation zone, a children's pool with a slide, water hedgehog and jets and an indoor water slide.


4 outdoor pools

A large active pool with a water slide, spouts and water umbrella, a relaxation pool with massage seats and loungers, a children's pool with a slide, water jets and a mushroom and a canal pool to the inner part of the thermal park. The outdoor pools are open in the summer season (end of May to September).


Our thermal springs

The essence of our concept is the harmony between human and nature and the natural water resources of Thermal spa Velké Losiny. The first recorded mention of the beneficial effects of thermal sulphur water dates back to the 16th century. The use of thermal water makes the thermal park unique in the Czech Republic.


  • there are 5 mineral springs in Velké Losiny
  • the most important ones are thermal sulphur spring Žerotín and cold sulphur spring Karel
  • the temperature of thermal waters at the outlet is around 36°C